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Meet (Y)our Team

We should say 'your team', because that's what we are.

An agency like ours requires a special set of people – ones who can mesh multiple creative disciplines, can blend smarts & arts, and who can work quickly & thoroughly. Thank goodness we found them. Check out some of our senior staff below.


London & Toronto

Aly, aka “El Presidente”, is weirdly obsessed with Latin (hence the agency name). She's always in 3 timezones at once, so it's presumed she has sent emails in her sleep.

Aly MacGregor

Creative Lead


John, aka “J-Lo”, is based out of our Toronto office. He is a bonafide brand builder, and has been known to ‘pop a wheelie on the zeitgeist’. What's that, you ask? Why not ⬇️

Johnathon Lovett

PR Account Manager


Farrah, aka “The Butterfly”, is super old school in that she still memorises phone numbers. She's the mum of our first Reicura baby, and thusly has a network of built-in babysitter colleagues when she and husband Erik (below) need a date night.

Farrah Sinclair

Advertising Account Manager


Belle, aka "Ads R'Us", has consumed more hours of television and media content than the rest of us combined. She can probably name a commercial if you badly hummed 4 seconds of its jingle.

Belle Xi

Development Lead


Richie, aka "20/20", is a true whiz at building things using his hands and no other materials except alphanumeric characters (get it? 'cos he's into code?). Don't ask him his opinion on the better out of whisky, bourbon, and scotch - he'll talk your ear off.

Richie Fallon

Engagement Associate


Johnny, aka “The Flamingo”, only ever watched music videos & the ads in between as a child, and because of this he still holds very strong opinions on both.

Johnny Finkle

Design Lead


Nick, aka “Jolly Old Saint”, is the type of design obsessive who will point out how "the kerning is off on the pub menu". As if that wasn't annoying enough, he also eats Marmite with everything.

Nick Shreeves

Data & Research Specialist


Jessie, aka “The Jiant”, supports Leeds United for some reason. But to make up for it (only slightly), he takes pleasure out of combining data with digital to make dollars/pounds/euros.

Jessie Granis



Erik, aka “The Dictionsaurus”, is such a Gooner that he's only missed one match in the past 5 years, for the birth of his child. None of us are at all annoyed that he uses 3 words when he could use 1.

Erik Meyer

Office Manager

London & Toronto

Rielle, aka “Hey, You”, is such a great navigator that she still gets lost coming to work despite living a mere 15 minutes away. In her rare spare time, she's been known to adopt stray cats, dogs, and people.

Rielle Mathison

Senior Publicist


Holly, aka “The Rodeo Clown", is the team darts throwing champion and brings that same precision and skill to her journalist pitching. Looks very quiet but is actually exceptionally loud.

Holly Overland

Thinking about joining our lovely little team of creatives around the world? Check out our careers page.